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 A17 CPCS Course

The A17 CPCS course telehandler training (multi-day establishment) is intended to provide novice and intermediate administrators with adequate telehandler training, which will enable them to skillfully and safely complete the work of telehandler administrator and pass the CPCS telehandler's hypothesis/common sense assessments.


A Specialized A17 CPCS Course Provider

In addition, we offer a specialized multi-day course for candidates who do not need common sense training. Assuming you are thinking about this choice, we suggest that you carefully read the action guidelines later on this page. Applicants must take a legitimate Agent Welfare, Safety, and Climate (OPS) test within 2 years (also referred to as the CSCS Contact Screen test). We can do this on our own for an expense of 50 (inc tank) for A17 cpcs course .


"The training was brilliant. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. The trainer was patient and clear in giving instructions. They were polite and professional throughout. I successfully passed the assignment first time round. Thank you"

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A17 CPCS Training Course


1-5 days dependent on experience


18+ years

Entry Requirement

No previous driving experience needed

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Lowest Price Guarantee

  2. Price Match Promise

  3. Finance options available (start training with £0)

  4. Job Assistance

  5. Weekend courses available

  6. FREE Training (subject to eligibility)

  7. Trainers with years of experience

  8. Access to Nationwide Accredited Centres

  9. Career Guidance support

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Course Units

3 Easy Steps to Acquire A17 CPCS Course License


Introduction A17 CPCS Course



  • Describe the idea of ​​the industry area and your work and duties as a plant manager.

  • Move-in limited spaces. Follow the signs indicated. Design and define for lifting, stacking, and moving obligations.

  • Name and clarify the motif of the head parts, essential development, controls, and wording

  • Join and eliminate connections, including forks. Clarify activities required for proximity hazards.

  • Adjust with manufacturer's prerequisites and important guidelines/enactment. Embrace all pre-use checks

  • Lift and drop different loads to full increase and working height. Move and locate batteries precisely.

  • Drive over flat surfaces with and without loads, on uneven and unpleasant terrain and slopes.

  • Identify and eliminate loads from a vehicle. Keep track of safe working circumstances.

CPCS theory and practice tests


Get Licenced

Types of A17 CPCS Training Course

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Novice Counterbalance Training

For learners with little or no prior experience driving a counterbalance forklift truck, novice counterbalance training is provided.

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Counterbalance Training

Candidates who have relevant, recent experience but have not obtained any type of authorized training.


Counterbalance Refresher

Counterbalance regularly Forklift refresher training is intended for experienced operators who have a valid certificate.


Counterbalance Conversion

Operators who currently have a counterbalance forklift certificate and want to qualify on a comparable vehicle.

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Khaliel Sabir

Very informative teachers who teach you with patience and professionalism. The teachers were were very patient, open and friendly with you so you learn and understand correctly. The staff were very helpful and understanding.

My thanks to the ACT team who gave me all the correct advice which helped me complete my forklift training course. The quality of training was of highest standards. I had contacted several providers but ACT prices were reasonable than others.

Gladstone Everton

I thought the course was good and I thought the instructors were very well presented and I thought the even younger instructors or even better as well I would recommend your company to anyone thank you for your time and thank you for teaching me.

Sinnathamby Uthayakumar

"You Come To Us or We Come to Your Site"

Who Can Be A Trainee

The Beginner a17 cpcs course telehandler is aimed at workers who have almost zero on-the-job experience with an adjustable controller, therefore, require a full training course to help them pass their CPCS hypotheses and tests of common sense.


Extremely experienced specialists who do not require training can go straight to the test, so to speak. Delegates MUST have passed the CSCS health, safety, and environment test within the most recent 2 years (as of the actual CPCS testing date). Delegates who attend without a legitimate CSCS HSE pass will not be allowed to attend and will forfeit all course fees.

CPCS Theoretical Questions

Please plug this link into the A17 cpcs course Telehandler Hypothesis test questions (except 360 spin) and helpful standard assessment rules. If that's not too much of a problem, beware of sites that sell CPCS Theory Test answers. Appropriate answers are regularly outdated and incorrect. Analysts are needed to ask beneficial questions to verify the novice's view, especially when they speculate that the model's answers have been learned.

Pre-imperatives and extra data

Delegates MUST have passed the CSCS health, safety, and environment test within the most recent 2 years (as of the actual CPCS testing date). Participants who attend without a substantial CSCS HSE pass will not be allowed to enter and will forfeit all course fees. Candidates must acquire a photo ID to take their CPCS tests. Please note that assuming you have not completed the CPCS Theory Assessment, you are not permitted to take the CPCS Practice Test. Additional costs apply if further testing is required.

Why Choose Us

Who is this course for?


This course guides the correct activity of A17 cpcs course telehandlers for administrators who will be using these machines in the vicinity. He provides training as alluded to in the laws identifying work hardware and welfare and safety, and is authorized by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS).

Course fulfillment:

Competitors will take a verbal hypothesis test and make a common-sense assessment. Fruitful competitors will obtain a 2-year a17 cpcs course red trained operator license. Those with 2-3 years or more of experience can add the NVQ assessment simultaneously to advance directly to the 5-year CPCS blue competent operator card


You must have a fundamental agreement and information on current Health and Safety issues. The health and safety contact screen test for CITB operators must be up to date and up to date. (Completed in the last two years) We can deliver the CSCS HS&E in our training focus in the West Midlands.

Course content incorporates


  • Complete all pre-departure and producer run checks and set up the earth excavator for movement

  • Raise the load and position it at ground level at a point shown using the full (even) reach of the telehandler.

  • Go up and down the slope, pass through an unpleasant landscape and pass through a chicane. Stop and restart on tilt (stacked).

  • Lift the load and talk in an orderly fashion for at least 20m, going through a limitation until the end of the race.

  • Get ready and set up the telescopic handler for each elevator. Discard the forks and install a fitting.

  • Complete washout while lifting and assembling a pile. Design the telescopic handler for street travel.

  • High lift and load recovery. Stacking and dumping trucks. Stack 3 loads up and unstacks.

  • Park the telescopic handler and close and receive strategies.

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