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Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas like Wembley, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and provides an excellent range of forklift truck training courses. We also provide free, fully funded training depending on your circumstances and other factors.



At Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas, we take pride in the high quality of counterbalance forklift course we offer. We are in full compliance with best practices and all legal requirements, plus our trained staff with extensive experience can give you all the support and advice you will need.


"The training was brilliant. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. The trainer was patient and clear in giving instructions. They were polite and professional throughout. I successfully passed the assignment first time round. Thank you"

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Counterbalance Forklift Training Course


1-5 days dependent on experience


18+ years

Entry Requirement

No previous driving experience needed

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Lowest Price Guarantee

  2. Price Match Promise

  3. Finance options available (start training with £0)

  4. Job Assistance

  5. Weekend courses available

  6. FREE Training (subject to eligibility)

  7. Trainers with years of experience

  8. Access to Nationwide Accredited Centres

  9. Career Guidance support

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Course Units

3 Easy Steps to acquire Counterbalance Forklift Licence


Introduction to driving a Counterbalance Forklift



  • Course induction

  • Introduction to equipment/control familiarization/principles of operation

  • Battery charging procedures/maintenance

  • Operator safety code and relevant handout

  • Load types/handling and weight assessment

  • Vehicle loading and unloading (practical)*

  • Multi-choice theory test

  • Pre-use inspection test

  • Practical skills test

Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment, and exam.


Get Licenced

Types of Counterbalance Forklift Training Course

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Novice Counterbalance Training

For learners with little or no prior experience driving a counterbalance forklift truck, novice counterbalance training is provided.

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Counterbalance Training

Candidates who have relevant, recent experience but have not obtained any type of authorized training.


Counterbalance Refresher

Counterbalance regularly Forklift refresher training is intended for experienced operators who have a valid certificate.


Counterbalance Conversion

Operators who currently have a counterbalance forklift certificate and want to qualify on a comparable vehicle.

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Khaliel Sabir

Very informative teachers who teach you with patience and professionalism. The teachers were were very patient, open and friendly with you so you learn and understand correctly. The staff were very helpful and understanding.

My thanks to the ACT team who gave me all the correct advice which helped me complete my forklift training course. The quality of training was of highest standards. I had contacted several providers but ACT prices were reasonable than others.

Gladstone Everton

I thought the course was good and I thought the instructors were very well presented and I thought the even younger instructors or even better as well I would recommend your company to anyone thank you for your time and thank you for teaching me.

Sinnathamby Uthayakumar

"You Come To Us or We Come to Your Site"

Why is it necessary to take Counterbalance forklift training course?

All of the counterbalance forklift training courses include both classroom theory and hands-on experience with the counterbalance truck. These courses adhere to the Approved Code of Practice and guidelines provided by the Health and Safety Commission. This means that you, as an employer, are fulfilling your legal duties to ensure that all forklift drivers get appropriate training.

Forklift Training recognizes that everyone has a distinct learning style. As a result, our courses employ a range of approaches to accommodate all learners. To keep everyone engaged, we utilize forklift models, movies, PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, and hand-outs.


Each session is then concluded with a series of questions to check that all knowledge has been grasped. The theory work progresses gradually, providing time for the material to sink in before going on to the next step. After demonstrating practical courses, learners are given ample time to practice under close observation.


Each course concludes with three levels of testing:


  • A theoretical test comprised of 25 questions

  • Inspection before usage

  • A practical skills exam comprising a variety of exercises that must be done safely


On-site Counterbalance Forklift Training

We too provide Counterbalance forklift training is to the premises of our customers. This provides learners with the advantage of being instructed and evaluated on a machine that they are already familiar with. As a result, they won't have to re-learn on another vehicle following their initial instruction.


After completing this counterbalance training, operators will be able to utilize these devices safely and efficiently.


We are delighted to provide customized training programs to fit the needs of your specific organization. We will always work around your requirements and the surroundings to create the least amount of inconvenience.

Infrastructure is necessary

To begin, and most crucially, we will require the use of your counterbalance forklift vehicle to carry out your forklift training. Also, a place where we will not be bothered and where have enough room to do basic motions and testing. Pallets and actual loads relevant to your business are beneficial; the instructor will provide a variety of traffic cones.

Certificates of authorization for counterbalance forklifts training

Drivers who complete this counterbalance forklift training are completely licensed to operate this type of vehicle. The certification is nationally recognized and well acknowledged in the industry.


In addition, they will receive the following:


  • A4 counterbalance certificate of basic training authorized by ITSSAR.

  • A picture identification card made of plastic.

  • A written evaluation of one's strengths and shortcomings.

Frequently asked questions

Is Counterbalance Forklift Driver License required?

Without a license, you are not permitted to operate a Counterbalance FLT. So, before you start seeking employment, you need to complete your training and pass your license exam. The good news is that you don't need any prior forklift truck driving expertise to begin studying with an approved training provider.

How long will a Counterbalance License be valid?

Most businesses renew their operator licenses every 3-5 years. As long as the training is appropriate and up to date, there is no specified renewal term.

How long does it take to learn how to operate a counterbalance forklift?

Depending on where you get your training, Counterbalance forklift certification may generally be accomplished in one or two days. Most programs consist of six to eight hours of classroom instruction followed by hands-on equipment training in a warehouse.

Where can you obtain a Counterbalance Forklift License?

Although there are no specific work qualifications for operating a Counterbalance forklift, operators should be physically fit and strong because forklifts take a lot of muscle and effort. Above all, everyone should be aware of the importance of health and safety.

Is it necessary for me to have a valid driver's license?

To operate a forklift, you do not need a driver's license. You can operate a forklift without a license if you are currently completing your training.

What age do I have to be?

Anyone over the age of 18 can learn to use a forklift truck.

Will you be able to get work as a Counterbalance Forklift Operator once you have completed the training?

Yes. Work is readily available at warehouses around the United Kingdom. Many brick-and-mortar stores are shutting and relocating their operations online. This implies they work out of warehouses or distribution centers, and many, if not all, of them, utilize forklifts to transport items and deliveries. Once your training completed with us, we will signpost your application to recruitment companies and agencies that we work with and help you to find a suitable job. We want you to understand that we work as a end to end service provider.

If I already drive a Counterbalance forklift, do I need to attend an experienced training course?

Counterbalance forklift course must be taught in a structured instructional or educational setting. Forklift operators should be trained by professionals who have the necessary knowledge, training, and experience. This guarantees that operators are properly trained and qualified to deal with the difficulties of their particular job.

What is the cost of the license?

Training centres might charge between £80 and £90 per participant each day. Other packages are also available from these training organizations, with prices ranging from £500 to £700.

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