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Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas like Wembley, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and provides an excellent range of forklift truck training courses. We also provide free, fully funded training depending on your circumstances and other factors.



At Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas, we take pride in the high quality of telehandler course we offer. We are in full compliance with best practices and all legal requirements, plus our trained staff with extensive experience can give you all the support and advice you will need.


"The training was brilliant. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. The trainer was patient and clear in giving instructions. They were polite and professional throughout. I successfully passed the assignment first time round. Thank you"

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Telehandler Training Course


1-5 days dependent on experience


18+ years

Entry Requirement

No previous driving experience needed


Why Choose Us?

  1. Lowest Price Guarantee

  2. Price Match Promise

  3. Finance options available (start training with £0)

  4. Job Assistance

  5. Weekend courses available

  6. FREE Training (subject to eligibility)

  7. Trainers with years of experience

  8. Access to Nationwide Accredited Centres

  9. Career Guidance support

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Course Units

3 Easy Steps to acquire Telehandler Licence


Introduction to driving a Telehandler (Excavator)

  • Course induction and introduction

  • Introduction to each component, control including fundamentals of operation control

  • Fundamentals of operating the telehandler truck that includes balance, stability, and security

  • proper maintenance and procedures

  • Operator safety code and relevant handout

  • operating the telehandler on sloppy and inclined locations

  • Vehicle loading and unloading (practical)*

  • Multi choice theory test

  • Pre-use inspection test

  • Practical skills test



Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment, and exam.


Get Licenced

Types of Telehandler Training Course

forklift with a heavy load

Novice Telehandler Training

This training course is meant for operators with little to no experience with telehandler trucks. We talk about all the theoretical and practical aspects of operating these telehandlers in detail to help you build a solid base. This course type is perfect if you are learning telehandler operation as a new skill.

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Experienced Telehandler Training 

If you are someone with prior experience with the vehicle and similar technology but have not received formal training for the same, the existing operator course would be a good choice for you. It will give you the stand to get proof for your training and skills which are vital for progress in this career.


Telehandler Refresher Training

Even if you have an accredited certificate of telehandler training, you would need to take refresher courses to renew your knowledge. This is important because the field is ever-changing. New technology, regulations, and much more need to be taken care of for being an efficient telehandler operator.


Telehandler Conversion Training

Different vehicles require specific certification. If you need to operate a similar telescopic handler vehicle then getting telehandler conversion training is important for you. We offer the most extensive range of telehandler conversion training courses.

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Khaliel Sabir

Very informative teachers who teach you with patience and professionalism. The teachers were were very patient, open and friendly with you so you learn and understand correctly. The staff were very helpful and understanding.

My thanks to the ACT team who gave me all the correct advice which helped me complete my forklift training course. The quality of training was of highest standards. I had contacted several providers but ACT prices were reasonable than others.

Gladstone Everton

I thought the course was good and I thought the instructors were very well presented and I thought the even younger instructors or even better as well I would recommend your company to anyone thank you for your time and thank you for teaching me.

Sinnathamby Uthayakumar

"You Come To Us or We Come to Your Site"

Telehandler Training Overview

In the construction, warehousing, and agriculture industry, you will come across various types of telescopic handlers or telehandlers. These machines serve the purpose of a mechanical arm which can perform various functions such as lifting, hanging, collapsing, and so on. If you are someone who is working in these industries, it would be a wise choice to invest in a telehandler training course. These forces would give you theoretical knowledge along with practical skills which can enable you to safely operate telescoping handlers on construction sites. According to industry regulations and government rules, you cannot be permitted to operate these machines without telehandler certification. This is why it is very important that you get your proper certification through our reliable telehandler training course.

What is a telehandler training course all about?

It is natural to feel lost when you are starting something new. But you need not worry and you will find all the important information about our telehandler training course here. To start out, the telehandler training course teaches operators with little to no previous experience, how to operate the machines, the skillful way to efficiently handle it, and be a refresher for operators with prior experience. The key points covered under telehandler training are as follows:


●    The theoretical aspect of equipment and understanding of the same

●    Ways to operate it safely

●    Learning and complying with all the applied regulations

There are various types of CPCS- accredited telescopic training courses that can facilitate the requirements of all types of operators. All the courses offered under our CPCS telescopic handler course abide by applying rules and regulations. 

Who should attend?

Our telehandler training courses can be attended by any operator who wishes to learn about telescopic handler or wants to refresh their knowledge and skills with formal training. All of our telehandler training courses are aimed to serve the knowledge and skill requirement for different levels of experienced operators with formally approved training courses.


To get started with your training you will have to fulfill your prerequisites such as:


●    Prior knowledge of basic current health and safety issues

●    Passing of relevant test required to enroll in the training course

●    Confirmed registration into the training course

What will you learn from the CPCS telehandler course? 

Post completion of the supervised and approved telehandler course, you would be able to gain the following learning outcomes:


●    Knowledge about the industry and sector you belong to with your specific roles and responsibilities as an operator

●    Detailed knowledge about principal components, controls, and terminology related to telehandler operation

●    Conform with manufacturer's requirements and applicable rules and regulations

●    Gain control over level surfaces with and without load on rough grounds or inclines

●    Ability to maneuver in limited and small spaces for efficient lifting, loading, and transferring duty abilities.

●    Knowledge and practical skills for attachment and removal of parts of the vehicle and their related hazards.

●    Detailed knowledge about the possible hazards and appropriate safety measures.

On-site telescopic handler training

Our focus has always been to empower our trainees with the knowledge that is tailor-made for their industry and use. By offering on-site telescopic handler training, we ensure that the trainees practice in their existing premises after initial training given to them. This makes it easier for the trainees to apply the knowledge and practical skills that they have learned on the machine they will be handling post successful completion of the training course. The on-site telescopic handler training is a great option for meeting your individual business environment requirements without any hassle.

Certificates of authorization for telehandler training course

As mentioned earlier, our telescopic handler training is CPCS accredited. After successful completion of the course, trainees would be given a CPCS red-trained operator card. This card confirms that you have the required level of core skills, understanding and knowledge required as per the regulations. After receiving this CPCS red-trained operator card, you would need to obtain NVQ or SVQ within the two-year validity of your card. Once you achieve the same in plant operations, your card will be upgraded to a Blue CPCS competence card.

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