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heavy plant operating in a quarry.
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Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas like Wembley, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and provides an excellent range of forklift truck training courses. We also provide free, fully funded training depending on your circumstances and other factors.


At Alexander Cromwell Training in London and nearby areas, we take pride in the high quality of all the digger training course we offer. We are in full compliance with best practices and all legal requirements, plus our trained staff with extensive experience can give you all the support and advice you will need.


"The training was brilliant. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. The trainer was patient and clear in giving instructions. They were polite and professional throughout. I successfully passed the assignment first time round. Thank you"

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 Digger driver training


1-5 days dependent on experience


18+ years

Entry Requirement

No previous driving experience needed

Course Units

1.  Introduction to driving a digger truck (Novice, Experienced, and Refresher)

  • Gaining an understanding of responsibilities as a plant operator

  • Learning about major components of the machine and its functions

  • Current relevant regulations

  • Mounting and dismounting the machine

  • Driving and maneuvering the machine

  • Driving training on sloppy and uneven ground

  • Loading and unloading a vehicle from a stockpile

  • Other associated activities

  • Accident prevention and control

  • The operators’ safety code

  • Health and Safety measures

  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment

  • Practical Skill test

   2. Assessment

Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment, and exam.

   3. Get Licenced

Why Choose Us?

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Price Match Promise

  • Finance options available (start training with £0)

  • Job Assistance

  • Weekend courses available

  • FREE Training (subject to eligibility)

  • Trainers with years of experience

  • Access to Nationwide Accredited Centres

  • Career Guidance support

"You Come To Us or We Come to Your Site"

Digger Training

For conforming with the health and safety legislation, rules and regulations, it is very important that all digger/excavator operators are formally trained and are proven to have competent knowledge of their roles and responsibilities, the vehicle they are operating, and all relevant information for performing well in their positions. In the comparative construction industry, having CPCS accredited digger training can act to your advantage. With our top-notch CPCS accredited digger driver training, you can stand above your competitors and gain a better chance to shine in your job.

About digger driver training course

Our CPCS accredited digger training is inclusive for all operators. With an amazing variety of training programs at our facility, we can accommodate best-level knowledge and practical skills in operators with different experience levels. Starting from novice (little to no experience) to refresher courses (experienced), we take into account the individual requirements of all our trainees.


In the duration of this course, the trainees would be trained on the following points using theoretical and practical skill approach:


●    Introduction about the industry and specific sector the operator would be working in

●    Pre-operational checks

●    Detailed knowledge about controls and components of the vehicle

●    Expert maneuvering within constrained conditions

●    Components, terminology, and relevant elements for operating the vehicle

●    Polishing excavation skills

Who Needs This Course?

Having formally certified acknowledgment of your digger operational skills is important in a dynamic industry such as construction. Our CPCS accredited digger training is perfect for operators who are looking for formal certification and training, improving how they operate in their positions. With the help of this course, you will be able to understand the excavators better and detailed knowledge about your roles and responsibilities. Many companies these days prefer operators who have the correct certification along with experience. This course can become that advantageous point for you.

On-site digger training

To offer a more personalized training experience, we also offer the option of onsite training. With this option, individuals and companies can have the training done on their respective premises rather than the training school. This can be a suitable option for you if you want to enhance your skills with your respective digger vehicles.

The outcome of digger driver training

After the successful completion of a digger training, you would be able to:


●    Have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations applicable for the safe use of the digger vehicle you are operating.

●    Perform a full pre-operational/shift check on the digger and record findings of the same.

●    Perform a full operational check on the digger and record findings of the same.

●    Load dumper to full capacity

●    Successfully operate the respective digger according to the manufacturer's manual and guideline

●    Work smoothly on inclined slopes

●    Perform excavation to accurate levels and tolerances

●    Level an area smoothly

●    Handle bucket safely and efficiently

●    Have a full understanding of the limitations and safety precautions for the use of the respective diggers

●    Communicate any arising problem or defect before, during, or after the operation.

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