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Top Forklift Safety Tips for a Safer Workplace

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Forklift trucks are the most commonly used mechanical equipment in any warehouse or work site. It makes the work of moving and lifting loads much easier in all types of spaces. But with every industrial machine comes the need for caution and carefulness. One must operate the forklift while following all the safety instructions and tips.

These days every worker is trained with a proper forklift safety training program. This is very important as for the latest government regulations for preventing fatal accidents and serious injuries. Our safety is in our own hands. Following rules and regulations are not just for complying with the government and industry standards but also to ensure workplace safety. On that note, here are some of the top forklift safety tips that you should follow:

Ensure stability of the load

It is always advised that you keep the angles of the blade tilted such that it is higher towards the front and lower towards the back. This will ensure that the load stays well seated in your carriage. This is especially important with heavy loads that can tumble. Keeping It horizontal to the ground can be dangerous as it can slip, fall, or get caught up. Of course, you should not tilt it too much so that it crashes into the forklift itself. You need to moderately tilt it so that gravity can work its wonders. It will be less load on your truck as well.

Keep the load low

Keeping the load too high is another mistake that rookie forklift drivers often make. When the load is set too high, it can wobble and crash towards the back or front. We must keep it as low as possible so that it is easier to navigate the truck and prevent any falls. A very heavy load set too high on the truck can even tip it backward. This is very dangerous for the driver as well as the packages. Keeping in mind everyone's safety, the forklift safety rules at the organization must include this point.

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Always keep your line of sight clear

If the load has blocked your view in the front, you should not drive in that direction. Instead, it would be advised that you drive backward. This way the load would follow the path that you can clearly see and your sides would be clear for sight as well. It is always advised that you keep your vision clear and the load said low to prevent any possible accidents. Of course, even when you are driving backward you need to keep an eye on your sides. It is very important to make sure that you are not hitting anything on the way.

Steer clear of overhangs

Warehouses and industrial work sites would often have overhangs like wires, door frames, hooks, etc. The height of the forklift truck itself can be problematic if the ceiling is low. But if you are carrying a load that is higher than the roof of your forklift truck, then it becomes even more important to follow the forklift safety tips. Always keep in mind where the overhangs are and navigate accordingly. Getting caught up with them can be dangerous for the workplace.

Stay in the lane

Due to the height of the forklift truck, it is not always possible to see what is on the ground and this includes people as well. If your workplace does not have clear pathways marked clearly for the way of these trucks, then it can be pretty dangerous. You must mutually decide the path or pattern for operating the forklift. This will help any accident while moving around in it. It is for the forklift trucks safety and the people as well that warehouses should invest in clearly marking the operational paths.

Inspect the vehicle regularly

Last but not the least, it is very important to regularly inspect your vehicle before operation. Manual checks are important to make sure that it is in the best condition. Any breakages or loose wires can wreak havoc if not known in time. It is highly advised that you have a forklift truck safety checklist handy at all times to not miss anything important.

With the help of these forklift tips, you would be able to make sure that your ride and the workplace are safe for operation. A safe and healthy work environment is the place for increasing productivity and efficiency.


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