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All About Forklift Training In UK

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

There are several truck types present, out of which forklift is a type of certified vehicle used to lift heavy objects from one place to the other (short distances). It is categorized as a powered industrial truck. This mini truck frame has a front-facing mast that helps in raising and lowering the carrier load. This machine is smartly built and works in different gravitational conditions (as per the weight of the object/material).

When we speak of lifting weights and moving them, the sole proprietor is the forklift. Haulage trucks and earthmoving equipment are not considered to be true forklifts. For safer usage, it is wise to have a look at the specifications and carrier load. Having a forklift training license in the UK is a safe game.

Based on the type of forklift being used, the safety regulation varies with the subject. Before opting for a forklift, it is mandatory to know your working environment and the particular task that is to be performed by the machine. Apart from training standards, the forklifts are subject to safety standards. Jurisdictions employers have to ensure that the industrial trucks were passed through a recognized training program and don't bear any drawbacks.

How to Get A Forklift License in the UK?

A forklift driver license in the UK is an essential component if you want to get contracts regularly. A license is a proof that you are certified and do have prior experience. It's not just about getting empowered. It also says that you have completed your forklift training under the safety guidelines and have shown efficient and effective results during your training program.

You can easily present your potential employer with a forklift license ready in your pocket. A licence also works as job security, and having it is a ticket for your long term rewarding career. Companies always prefer candidates with a licence as they don't have to send them to training schools for improving their productivity, efficiency, and capability. Getting a license beforehand can help you lessen your cost measures and the probability of getting forklift-related accidents to get reduced.

Getting a licence is a big deal. Below are the steps on how to get a forklift license.

  • Before applying to any training centre, It is wise to identify your skills and the type of forklift you would like to operate. There are different types of training courses available that are specific to other forklift trucks.

  • After identifying your skill, you can contact the training centre.

  • Attend the lectures and implement them.

  • Complete your forklift training course.

  • Receive your certificate.

Where Can I Get My FLT License in the UK?

Applying for a Forklift Truck or FLT driving license do not need any rocket science. You have to consider a few things before applying for your licence. If you are operating in the UK, you can get enrolled under any certified forklift training school in your area.

There are typical steps that you need to follow during your training course. Those are practical operator training, lectures, theories, and at last, the written assessment. Your level of expertise will determine the duration of completing the course. If you are reappearing for converging, you can achieve it within a day. For experienced operators, it takes two to three days and about a week for a new operator with no prior skills.

PPT and DVD will be the presentation methods during a classroom lecture. After successful course completion, operators will receive post-training certificates, registration and operator cards. Their names will then be entered into RTITB licensed forklift operator NPORS database. Four accrediting bodies conduct forklift truck operator training, they are: -

  • AITT (Association of Industrial Truck trainers)

  • NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme)

  • RTITB (previously the Road Transport Industry Training Board)

  • ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register)

The weight of your certificate also depends on the accredited body. If you are looking for higher-end regard, then RTITB and ITSSAR can easily help you obtain a license after completing the training courses.

What Are The Types of Forklift Training Course?

Telescopic, Bendi, Counterbalance, and Reach are some of the most popular training courses in the forklift industry.

Telescopic Forklifts :

This type of forklift is categorized mainly for building and agricultural sectors. There is another appropriate machine known as telehandlers equipped with a crane having a fork or a driver's cab attached to its end. It is mandatory to examine and maintain the record of the weight that is being carried on. This helps the practitioner to know whether the lift is experiencing any load or not. If there is a large box to be carried, then the front outriggers can be stressed out.

Telescopic Forklift

Bendi Forklift :

If you want a forklift for pallet storing work, then this is the one. If you have a short and cosy storage place of approximately 1.5 metres in radius, then it is the best choice you have. It can directly carry loads from the racks without any assistance. After all, it is meant for stacking purposes.

Bendi Forklift

Counterbalance Forklifts :

It is meant to carry heavy loads. The weight is eventually balanced by the rear end of the machine. The dense weight that the back end of the machine carries counterbalances the load placed on the front side. The hydraulic cylinders are attached to the lift's mast and frame. Based on the cargo loading, the mast pivots back and forth.

Counterbalance Forklift

Reach Forklifts :

These are the most stable machines in the entire segment. The cab and the drive are attached by the vertical mast on one side and the fork and lift. This eventually balances the loads and the equipment. Hear the operator has to stand while operating the machine, so it is more compact than a Bendi forklift.

Reach Forklifts

Job Opportunities After Forklift Training in the UK

If you are looking for a job, then one intelligent approach will do the work. The position of a Forklift operator doesn't involve how attractive your curriculum vitae is or how much training or experience you have in the field. It will always take some time to get a job. If you are getting stressed out, it's probably because of your unemployment and that you have been jobless for months.

We did not just shorten your journey of seeking a job. Fortunately, Alexander Cromwell Training provides you with placement facilities after you complete your training. We also offer valuable advice that can help you with developing your personality in the future. Our plans are action-oriented, and we know what the future of forklifts holds.

After training, we provide you with a letter of recommendation to help you get a job with our official tie-ups. Based on your profile and qualification, we can head you up to the employers. Your level of competency will let you get a specific forklift job. With us, you can learn about the social benefits you are entitled to. We will update you with our openings and the jobs available in your region of interest.

After completing your training, you will give you a position that you can carry on with. In case an employer asks for your application, we will quickly process it. So with us, you are not just getting quality training but a job assistance guarantee also.

Forklift Licence Cost

The forklift training cost, London can be expensive based on the comprehensiveness of your training course. Roughly the forklift training cost is around £650-£800. Does the price also vary depending on your location, your locality, the type of training you are being provided, and most importantly, where will you take your training classes? Training is provided based on your desire and interest in which type of truck you want to get trained/licenced.

The UK's forklift licence cost varies based on the circumstances mentioned above, but you can get hundreds of training centres across the country. It is also necessary to choose the right training centre that matches your preferences. Alexander Cromwell Training has the most valuable and affordable forklift license cost in the UK.

Operating a forklift requires proper knowledge because the machine may look simpler, but it isn't easy for beginners. If you do not pay adequate attention or even do not have prior experience with the forklifts, try to avoid operating these machines as it can cause a severe accident and even death.

This is why we, at Alexander Cromwell Training, offer the proper knowledge and guidance during the training sessions. Our certificates are only provided to those individuals who have gained the trust of operating the forklifts. Join our training courses and start your dream job with us.


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